Monumental Hour of Prayer

Sunday, July 6, 2014
6:00 - 6:30 pm: Music Program
Music by Night Light Worship
6:30 - 7:30 pm: Speaker & Prayer

Mount Rushmore Amphitheater

An evening event at the Mount Rushmore Amphitheater dedicated to prayer for America. Especially our Armed Forces

 Guest Speaker
Roger Helle
Decorated War Hero and Active Veteran

In 1970, on his third tour of duty in Vietnam, Roger was critically wounded. Several days later, while in intensive care, Roger heard the doctor tell his twin brother that he was going to die. "Not yet" thought 23 year old Roger and he then prayed and said, "God, if there really is a God, if You let me live, I'll do anything You want!" God answered that prayer. Just over 9 months later, after 27 operations on his body and 4 plastic surgery operations on his face, Roger left the hospital and his promise to God behind.
The nightmares of Vietnam and survivor's guilt tormented him every night for over four years. In 1974, Roger and Shirley surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. Their marriage was healed and their lives began to go in a new direction. They soon began to work with the youth in their church and this led to a street ministry. Roger and Shirley have been in full-time ministry since 1978. After nearly sixteen years of ministry in the Midwest, Roger accepted the position as Executive Director of Teen Challenge of the Mid-South and in 1994 he and his family moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee.
In 1989, Roger returned to the country of Vietnam with a group of Christian veterans working with the ministry, "Vets With A Mission". Roger has now made numerous trips back to Vietnam and served for many years as Chairman of the Board of "Vets With A Mission". This group has rebuilt orphanages, clinics, hospitals and shipped millions of dollars worth of donated medical supplies to Vietnam. They have taken in teams of doctors, dentists and most importantly, they have been allowed to provide aide to the struggling Christian church. They have rebuilt churches, supplied Bibles and literature for pastors and leaders in addition to providing leadership training for emerging leaders.
Roger has spoken across the country in various churches, schools, colleges and civic groups. He has spoken at the National War College and to a group at the Pentagon. He has had many opportunities to minister to Vietnam and current war veterans. He truly has a heart for hurting people of all ages. He brings his message of hope and healing for life's wounded, both physically and spiritually. 

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