As I prayed this morning to have a heart like God's I was convicted of unforgiveness in my heart. Man, I just didn't want to go there. Tomorrow we will gather at Cedar Canyon Camp for the 2012 observance of the National Day of Prayer here in Rapid City. We will spend some time in personal repentance as well as repentance for the Nation. As I read God's Word and Prayed, I realized that I had some forgiving to do. I had given lip service to the idea of forgiveness, but I still hesitated to actually get it out of my mind. Those events and circumstances were always there in my memory and I was reluctant to reach out. So this morning I made a list! You read that right. I made a list of all the things that were still making me just a little fearful or a little angry when I thought about them. They have been a hindrance in my Prayer Life! So they are gone. I can no longer remember what they were. Really! I asked God to take them away and I promised not to think about them any more. I hope to see many Prayer Warriors tomorrow night at Cedar Canyon Camp at 7 pm.