The Dregs of Complacency

Have you thought lately about complacency? I have! What is it about us that gets so comfortable in our own skin? Wow,  I almost wrote sin. What do you think? Is complacency a sin? The Word of God has some things to say about that. Zephaniah 1:12 says that those who are complacent become like the "dregs of the wine". They "think that God is doing nothing either good or bad." When we become complacent we get stuck in our own thoughts and stew in our own juices, as my momma used to say. I think the number one result of that is that we stop talking to God. And even worse we stop listening to Him. I am not sure which comes first, the halting of prayer life or the complacency, but I know that they are related. And I know that it is a painful thing for the Father to be left out of our life. He has a desire to communicate with us. He has many thoughts to share with us, and he has many treasures to share with us. He knows what we need and as we get closer and closer to Him, he has all those needs in store before we ask. Because our heart and mind become more like His heart and mind the more we spend time with Him.

"Lord, keep the dregs out of my life. Give me a heart like yours, and pour me out from cup to cup so that the dregs of complacency do not gather."


Pray Without Ceasing

When I read, 1 Thesssalonians 5: 17, which reads, "pray without ceasing",  I was intimidated to say the least. From my childhood memeories of my mother praying at the bedside on her knees for seemingly hours, I thought, " I simply cannot obey that direction!" My model of a prayer warrior was my mom, and I would fall asleep at her side as she whispered her prayers to the Heavenly Father. Though I was determined to stay on my kness as long as she did, I failed over and over. Either I would get sore knees and crawl into the bed or I would fall asleep and she would pull me up into the bed. As I have grown in my prayer life, I realize that praying without ceasing meant to be in a conversation with God all day long. No matter what I am doing, I can quickly begin a conversation with My Heavenly Father, any time, any where. That makes me smile, because He is never too busy to direct His full attention in my direction. The problem areas are with me. I get full of myself. I get to thinking that I am pretty good at whatever I am doing and just keep plodding along on my merry way. In reality, I am pretty good at nothing. I need Him. I need Him every moment of every day. Pray without ceasing is a good way to live life.